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Arrested for Drugs In Austin, Texas?

Being arrested for drug possession and having to spend the night at the Austin Travis County Jail is not a pleasant experience. If you are trying to get a friend or loved out of the Travis County Jail, save yourself and the inmate both time and money by hiring an experienced Travis County Jail Release lawyer to help get them released from jail.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for possession of marijuana (POM), possession of a controlled substance (POCS), possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia (PDP) or another drug offense, it's important that you immediately contact an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer who can begin working on a defense.

Travis County "Cite and Release"

Recently, the Austin Police Department joined the Travis County Sheriff's Office in initiating a "cite and release" policy that allows police officers to use their discretion in whether to arrest someone for certain crimes. Those crimes include theft, theft of service, criminal mischief, graffiti, driving with an invalid license and possession of marijuana.

Probably the most common cite and release in Austin, Texas is for possession of marijuana. For example, when someone is cited and released for possession of marijuana, they receive a possession of marijuana ticket and released under the promise to appear in court. In Austin, that court is usually Travis County Justice of the Peace Precinct #5. At that appearance, a Judge will inform them of the charge against them, determine and set a bond for their criminal possession of  marijuana case. The defendant will then be ordered to appear to court just as if they had been arrested for possession of marijuana at the time of the incident. They will also be required to immediately walk next door to the Travis County Central Booking Office to fill out paperwork and have their photo and fingerprints taken.

The Travis County Justice of the Peace Precinct #5 Court is located at 1000 Guadalupe, Suite 112, Austin, Texas 78701. The phone number for Travis County JP Court #5 is (512) 476-4626. Travis County JP Court #5 is located in the Heman Marion Sweatt Travis County Courthouse. Detailed directions are available via Google Map.

It's very important to understand that if you are cited and released for possession of marijuana, the charge is just as serious as a possession of marijuana charge that resulted in an arrest. You should not take the charge any less serious.

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